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Real Beauty. Real People. Beautiful.

I am casting for an upcoming shoot about real beauty. casting to me means approaching of course my freinds but then also ‘strangers’ wherever I am. I want diversity for this. I want diversity in my life period, and definitely in my photos.

It is incredible how sweet people are when i say this is what/why i am doing, want to be a part of it? I walk around my neighborhood (the most diverse zip code in Washington State!) and ask people, can take your picture? I end up meeting new people and learning something new about life. Everyone has a story to tell. Actually…. they have many. My neighbor Barrier was telling me that most people don’t say hello anymore, just chat with each other. I walked up to his porch and we hung out for awhile. He asked me to email him my phone number and me and my ‘husbands’ (oldskool man) favorite song, he’ll learn it on the organ and call us on our anniversary and play it for us.

How sweet. “Why do you want to do that?” I asked him. Because he likes to call and say I love you “Before Stevie Wonder sang it!” he grinned. Barrier told me he survived prostate cancer and during all that the doctors found a whole bunch of other medical issues. He live through it all, “I’m healthy now, just too fat!” he said.

Here is Barrier. The song is “Luna” by Susana Bacha.

Written by amandakoster

June 28, 2007 at 2:23 pm

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