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Breaking into China!!

Still shooting the amazing project for a magazine out of Beijing called VISION. The project is an 80-paged feature all about Seattle and its culture. I am shooting constantly and writing about 14 articles to accompany the photography and content (I write periodically for magazines). Its been such a fun project to work on before heading to India. I great refresher of the town where I am based.

Seattle has so much talent. I’ve been interviewing and photographing fashion designers, musicians, visual artists, entrepreneurs… There is so much creativity and collaboration going on here. I don’ think what gets accomplished in Seattle is possible in a larger or smaller city. It’s a tight pool of talent and I’ve found that everyone supports each other be it a guest appearance while recording an album or venture capitol. Visually Seattle is also breathtaking. I will always feel so lucky to have lived here.

The magazine found me a few years ago and has published several of my documentary projects and is now giving me assignments. It’s great to work with them and get involved the editorial and photography scene in Beijing. Will have to visit next year for sure.

Written by amandakoster

August 21, 2007 at 4:45 am

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