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new year

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morning. i love early morning. my mind is clear. early morning feels more nourishing than food to me. i go to bed as early as i can so that i have as much morning time as possible. still… morning time.

now it is 2009. this year i am writing my blog.

still thinking about morning and all the magic it holds. the sun is rising higher. very early morning i meditate, think about the day and try not to think about day and everything else.

my intentions of writing a blog are to share the journey of my career and life (one and the same). amanda koster productions llc, and, travel, as well as my personal work. a whole lot happened in the past year with my career, lots of powerful, amazing things.

this will also be the home of much of my personal work. used to be where i parked my projects, but it took off, became it’s own thing. so, i will create galleries here with the work and write about the projects. am looking forward to that.

but right now it is still morning. the sun is not quite up yet. i’ll take phoenix, my dog, out for a walk soon. then off to work i go.

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January 8, 2009 at 3:48 pm

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