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when some people were promoting my inclusion in a book, as a woman with a successful, inspiring career, called “in their shoes” by debbie reber, these folks wanted to know “what are you?… what do i put down as your career(s). i mean you’re a photographer, a filmmaker,writer, activist, traveler, leader, speaker, explorer, adventurer….” it went on and on, we were equally confused. confused with the label, how to label my passion.

i’ve also had the opposite happen. an old boyfriend told me ‘ you don’t have your own thing.’  that felt equally as odd. the first group of people were trying hard to take all that i do and have done and fit it into a bucket. this boyfriend wasn’t able to see what i was doing, see me really.

another guy i dated more recently asked me after my book came out, “why … why do you need to do all the things you do… write books, travel, lead trips, etc… why?” I replied back to him in that email.. “i am.” never heard back from him again.

i think labels or titles, like so many other things, can be intertwined definitions or projections from others. this has been interesting, observing others struggle with trying to understand who i am, or, going out on a limb, why i am not like them, so that maybe they could better understand me and my work…. or give up, maybe in the case of the man who thought ‘i didn’t have my own thing.’ we are all changing, constantly. we discover new things and this becomes part of our life. we are part of nature, and nature is growing, dying, hybrenating, creating, transforming, metamorphosing, etc.

this all started with how to title my blog.  the subtext there now ‘thoughts and experiences of an international documentarian’ is a label i wrote a few years ago, during the promotion of ‘in their shoes.’ its there for now and clearly gets me thinking since i wrote this entry. whatever you think i am that’s fine with me. i do like to make photos and tell stories. so i’ll just keep on working and following my passion.

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January 9, 2009 at 4:53 pm

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