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portfolios are magic

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just met with nadine of this week. we (my assistant carrie anderson) and i were headed to a shoot for buisinessweek magazine and popped in to check out the progress of my new portfolio (or ‘book’).

portfolios are interesting. the are never finished, alive with possibility and require more choices/thought than anything has in awhile. it’s amazing to select certain images that create a book that represents my vision that gets me work and helps to create my life.  one puts an enormous amount of trust in a designer, consultant, etc., when hiring them to help with the book. so amazing to see how others see you.

ultimately it’s really exciting and fun to vamp it all up a notch, book appointments in ny and boston (for starters, late February 09) and present this new book. i love it. love hiking all over the city with my book. reminds me of the good old days….

my favorite portfolio story took place many years ago at fortune magazine. i was heading to nyc to show my book to magazines. a few days before the trip i broke two toes in capoeira. i landed in nyc in the summer, it was super hot, too broke to take cabs so subway + summer = big sweat. i was limping and had food poisoning from the night before. nice.

determined to meet willliam nabors, i kept the appointment and took the elevator up to the nth floor to the offices of fortune magazine. william (who i still work with on other publications and think is in amazing photo editor: he directed/edited this project for the nytimes (click) was sitting with his back to me in his air conditioned office with photo scattered everywhere (still film those days).

i  quietly knocked on the door, sweating, limping and feeling really sick.  “mr. nabors?”  he swiveled in his chair ‘amanda koster, welcome. i am looking forward to meeting you’.  he showed me over to a few chairs, i limped, he laughed and we sat down. he called the rest of his creative team over and went through my book, very slowly.  he stopped at an images from Romania, from a personal project and was quiet  ‘this is beautiful (he tapped on the page). i want you to shoot for fortune and make our subjects look like this.’ he finished with my book, gently took my leave behinds (all home made) got up, graciously excused himself and thanked me for coming in despite the limp and heat (big smile) leaving me to chat with the rest of his photo/art team. this was my first of many breaks. thank you william.

portfolios truly are magic.picture-8

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January 16, 2009 at 8:09 pm

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