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onto obama

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i am in and out of tears today, yesterday and probably tomorrow (maybe since election day).

today barak obama became our president.

i am thrilled to see a new president take office. i am thrilled to not listen to messages of fear, war, separation, catastrophe, constant criticism, negativity.   from a leadership perspective the last 8 years were disappointing for me. i felt george bush would speak to us as though we (the world) were incapable of leading ourselves, had to separate ourselves from a scary world,  and that our own territory regarding the economy and terrorism was also to be feared.

i knew someone who told me his employees were afraid they would all loose their jobs. he seemed happy about that, that this was a good way to lead, keep control of his biz, people, everything. this is how i felt about george bush.

from my perspective, leading with fear versus with ones heart will ultimately destroy ones self, not those who are led. those who are led this way will move on and learn from that experience. i believe the leader will deteriorate, separating him/her self from unity and love. i believe their strong sense of separation and hierarchy will ultimately overpower even themselves, and their life’s will start to cave in. and, we who lead with love will be there to help them. karma.

so onto obama! from him i feel a sense of unity, leadership from the heart, overall positivity and faith in the people of this country and world.

more than that, what i see over and over with obama and biden is a sense of gratitude vs. entitlement. i belive obama is  a refletion of who we are now as a nation. this brings tears to my eyes, not only because i believe this is sincere, but because i truly believe this is a foundation based on good, and that good things will truly happen.  it’s a beautiful day and i too am so grateful.

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January 20, 2009 at 7:27 pm

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