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hippy is the new geek

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just got off the phone with ryan of  what a great guy. he works at the biz his father started years ago and [safe guess] innovated what his father started.

the travel biz is changing. everything is changing! with salaamgarage i am really seeing how. there is still the old fashioned way of doing things: call a generic travel agent, they book your ticket and take a fee, thank you very much.  but there is a new way of doing it and many things: connecting, creating partnerships, building relationships, supporting each other.

there is also another buzz with this industry that i have noticed: support for good. take paul newman and ben and jerry’s, and me (and others!). we’ve been doing it for years! i’ve been giving a percentage of my exhibition print sales to the ngo’s i’ve worked with. 5% of the profits from my book go to an ngo.  i cannot make photos of an ngo without their help, so why not spread the love and show support?

look at this idea:

and this idea:

I talked to all these folks this week and several others. all of these companies love SalaamGarage… and I love all of these companies!

it used to be, when i was an ‘official’ hippy in college, this was called: crunchy, wacky, free spirited, unrealistic, idealistic, generating a ‘you’ll never get a job’ auto-lable. it’s not like that anymore. we were onto something. our smelly recycling systems, unshaven legs, bike: don’t drive, i’ll just take the bus (even though the map is outdated and totally cryptic), hitchhiking, ‘if you bend it back a little you won’t need to buy a new one’, start your notebook from the other side flipped upside down next semester, sharing bulk food, ways of doing things… is now called green, sustainable, community based… oh the buzz words.

we hippies are now cool, innovative, making business that appeal to customers, the environment, local and international aid, communities even competitors! people working in this space share information, customers, resources, share! i have encountered some companies and situations where people want to protect, guard, secure, create fear, threats, hold captive information that keeps other from moving forward. i don’t think that mentality will survive the big pitcture. i see it now in my small business operations but also am seeing it on a lager scale. the key now is not to squash the competitor, its learn from them, know them, understand them, engage! to fear the competition is a sign of internal weakness in the company or ones own self.

that is not the way hippies do things and i swear, the more i plunge into entrepreneurship, new business opportunities, build relationships with other organizations around the world.. i am finding hippy is in and taking over. not even like revenge of the nerds. hippies don’t even want  revenge! it’s not in our operating system! ding dong the witch is dead!

hippy is the new geek, may we be fruitful and MULTIPLY!

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June 19, 2009 at 7:44 pm

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  1. I love WorldNomads (and SalaamGarage!). I always insure our family through them when we go off on a family adventure, though knock on wood we have never needed to file a claim. But at work we just medivac’d someone out of Africa so it does happen – stay insured, people!


    June 20, 2009 at 12:19 am

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