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cape town

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sometimes i wish that there were two of me. one experiencing my life and the other processing it, writing about it.

cape town has been very intense. i landed around 11pm 12/10 and started with a 10am breakfast meeting 12/11 with the awoe team. the breakfast meeting (meeting is a lame word here- more like hang out) stretched for abotu 3 hours. the team here in cape town is amazing. fantastic balance of personalities and abilities. once again, i could not have asked for a more interesting group of people. meeting with bandi, then pixie, dinners, mornings,trip to robben island,  meeting with bandi again.

later in the day i met bandi biko.  what was that like? to be in the presence of an amazing woman in her own right, and then to follow up with this is steven biko’s sister.

people. we are all just people doing the best we can with what we have.  she is an extraordinary woman in a seriously reserved way. besides the accent that keeps me on my toes with everyone down here one must really stay present with bandi as she will drop a nugget of wisdom when i least suspect it. bandi is unfolding for us.  there are folks who un reel their story in the press of a button, others have a very slow cast. sometimes those are the ones that will cast their lour out much further and wider than one can ever image.

fishing analogies. why fishing? because i really do feel like a fisherman when i work, or a hunter as my editor and friend at corbis calls me. there are chefs and there are hunters when it comes to storytelling. ‘you are a hunter.’ i like the search, uncovering and more importantly not uncovering certain rock as the story unfolds.

what i am getting at is that bandi will reveal herself to us throughout the project. what i learn on every trip and every day now is trust. trust that things will reveal themselves so beautiful. trust that it is all working out for the best.

i was telling guy that when i first began my career i used to rush into projects, stories, agendas, etc., and really attach myself to it, what it will look like, how it will be received.

however as i move through my carer, grow, practice difference things, etc., i am finding that life moves along as well. life keeps ‘lifeing.’ there is no absolute, there is no total agenda, list, itinerary. we land, things are happening, we listen, create and take off, and it keeps on lifeing. there is not start or finish to any project. there is just a moment where we direct our attention on something fora awhile, call ti a project because i for one like to share what attracts me, and then move on. and that’s really it. all eyes here for a moment, the there for the next moment, and so on.

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December 13, 2009 at 5:27 am

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