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The Dirty Water Underground

this is awesome. ny time article today: article about gray water, its over-coding in CA making it very expensive to rig your house to code to re-use water. so… here are some guerrilla gray water champs reusing water, do-it-yourself style in SW, USA. awseome!

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June 6, 2007 at 9:43 pm

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farmers market, columbia city seattle

i live in the coolest neighborhood in seattle. it s called Columbia City. since moving here i have discovered the best park in seattle, Seward Park, our farmers market, the local PCC, the columbia city beat walk and that this hood speaks 23 language. 23 languages! For a girl from new york, that makes me feel right at home!!! Wahoo! and, i can walk to all of these things. ahhh.

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June 5, 2007 at 11:31 pm

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epson is not green.

today i had to print out a bunch of invoices. i recently bought a used, discontinued Epson r200 printer mainly because my friend gave me a stack of inks that work with this specific printer. the current version of this printer (i wanted this series to print on cds/dvds and docs) takes totally different sized ink cartridges. why?

why if i am printing black and white to i need to refill the magenta and cyan cartridge? and why can’t i use cartridges that have an open seal and plenty of ink left swapped from another printer? why do i have to trick the memory chip (turn printer on and off, etc) in the cartridge into thinking that this is a new magenta and cyan cartridge so that i can print my black and white document? and why are they packaged to death? My God, it’s like those Russian dolls to reach the actual ink!

Come on Epson. The products are good but your ink cartridge racket in this green day and age has got to go.

each cartridge, in this 7 cartridge pinter goes for $12.34. $12.34 x 6 + $17.09 (black is more) = $91.13. buy here:

oh, incidentally, one can buy knock off Epson cartridges for this printer for $1.64 each. They work just fine (regardless of what the Epson manual and techs tell us), been using them without a problem.

$1.64 x 7 = $11.48
here’s where you can get them:

here is epsons environmental product corporate responsibility web page:

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June 1, 2007 at 3:26 pm

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