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Healing Iraq

today i read the “healing Iraq” blog which i found through a bbc article about Iraqi bloggers. i have been kicking this idea around a lot and this really summed it up for me. rather than going all over the world telling other peoples stories today is the day that people can tell their own stories, they just need the tools, they have the mind, the idea, the experience and their own personal perspective. if only people had the tools, especially in places that are totally misinterpreted and covered by one-sided press, to tell their own truth.

we are beginning that with awod. i have not announced the project as there are still a few logistics to figure out, among other things. however, we plan to utilize these free tools via the internet and empower this global ear to the wall.

for years i have been working to tell stories of the underdog, via photographs, words, and now video, pod casts, all this new technology. but now he process is becoming more collaborative which is beyond exciting.

when, in 1993, i returned from Ethiopia to show my friends images of Ethiopian children, i heard over and over ‘are you SURE you were in Ethiopia? Those children are not starving!” Yes, and Americans need to travel more.

well today we can all see for ourselves. today is the day and onward. spread the good word all, spread your truth.

Written by amandakoster

November 8, 2006 at 5:46 pm

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