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i love digital.

summer in seattle… can’t beat it. i’ve been to a lot of places and this town during late june, july, aug is top on my list. and now that i have a digital camera that i love finally, the canon 5d, this is fun (again). between exploring stock photography and my new camera, it’s like being 21 when i picked up my first camera, a used canon ae1 for kicks. that camera is long gone. it really took a beating after my first trip to africa in ’93. then came automatic cameras, then came digital.

digital. it took me awhile to love it (about 6 years of shooting magazine and advertising work) now i feel like shooting all the time. the image stabilizer is amazing. when i heard about this i thought it was all marketing. it makes a big difference. and, the battery has a long life. i can shoot nonchalantly for days or shoot all day on assignment without changing batteries. i like that.

i am looking forward to having this camera with me in india, along with my 21 year old enthusiasm. remember not wanting to sleep? just wanting to shoot, explore, see and documnet? happy summer!

Written by amandakoster

June 24, 2007 at 6:04 am

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