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don’t have to know anymore

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Asia. I get a little confused here.

On the plane from seattle to vietnam via Seoul, the waitress asks me ‘traditional korean or beefsteak?’

‘traditional please.’

she sets down several bowls of food on a try in front of me.  I don’t recognize anything and have no idea what to do with this meal. I poke around and soon find directions. directions, hmmm… (indication)

I quickly glance at the directions and proceed to dump one bowl of liquid  onto a salad, toss in some pickled something and squirt red pepper paste and sesame oil into the bowl, stirring it all up.

my left-hand neighbor, asian, glances over at me with a dazed wow-this-is-a-long-flight look and gets back to his beefsteak.

I keep mixing everything together, happily squirting the rest of the chili paste into the main bowl until everything is a little reddish.

my right-hand neighbor, asian, nudges me and bluntly says ‘you did it wrong.’ he points at another asian man across the aisle. my right-hand neighbor also had the beefsteak. hmmm. (indication)

‘oh.’ I actually read the directions this time. I am not supposed to pour the soup onto the salad. They are to be eaten separately.

‘it tastes good.’ I smile.

my right-hand neighbor smiles so wide and orders us each a glass of red wine.

‘cheers.’ he knocks our glasses.

‘cheers. happy new year!’

‘happy new year.’

I love that I do not have to know anymore. I love that I can ‘not do it right.’ love that I am not doing it right and love doing that. This is the most liberating realization in a while and I am going to revel in it.

Happy new year.

Written by amandakoster

January 12, 2010 at 12:22 am

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    Kathy Ulrich

    January 12, 2010 at 1:42 am

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