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artists district?!

STILL working on the VISON project, deadline is this weekend. they really want ‘Seattle’s arts district.’ ok okokokkok. yes there is a concentrated district tho its so hard to compartmentalize anything. Seattle IS art to me.

(Any) Industry. hurmph. that’s the deal.

Actually life IS ART to me. everywhere, walking, running, climbing, cooking, sneezing, being, there is music to everything. there is a rhythm to life and once we grasp it all comes together. for me, with music, art, photo, conversation. all an art and all based on rhythm. everything. most people don’t know but at the end of university i had to choose: singing or photos. was singing since age 5. photo was quickly made since. clicked so fast. was/is great at it. didn’t want to work at night (music). also dig anthropology and saw a way to connect photo with anthro, my own way. so a career was born. and boom, wow.

so. though. i still look for rhythm in photos. there is an energy, a physics when things just flow, or not. both is good, both make art and a good photo. depends on the perspective. and multiple perspectives make it all happen. thank God for that.

heading to india sat., for 2 months. last time there in ’98 i caught a rhythm. it took 2 weeks and then i got it. i really gave birth to my photo there. i just let go, absorbed, invisible. was alone as a backpacker. took trains all over the country. precious. alone in chaos. perfect. some thought i was crazy, ‘alone, in india???” you’re crazy… maybe.

look for the rhythm, with everything. I’ll get back to music, and live on a farm, make photos. maybe not in English. from another country, think and dream in French + the other languages i’ve picked up along the way. i really love photo, but its not total participation. i’m not totally on the court. i make a court, but its mine and people have to step in, but i’m not totally contributing to the overall court, raw. make sense? some of you will get it.

peace, amanda

Written by amandakoster

August 25, 2007 at 7:38 am

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